Some of Clem's Favorite Radio Shows

I listen to a lot of National Public Radio. Shows I like with links to their home pages. These shows are available across the USA and even in Europe.
  • Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend All Things Considered, Weekend Edition Saturday/Sunday - News and Commentary
  • Living On Earth - an environmental show
  • Fresh Air with Terry Gross - She's one of the most intelligent and sensitive interviewers in any media anywhere.
  • A Praire Home Companion - a live variety show of music and comic skits.
  • CarTalk - a call in show about cars that happens to be very funny.
  • SoundPrint - Documentaries in Sound that transport you.
  • West Coast Live - a live variety show from San Francisco
  • Capitol Steps - a musical group satirizing politics and current events
  • Whad'ya Know? - nominally a game show, but the players almost never lose and the value of the prizes are commensurate with the risk.
  • BBC - Lots of different and wonderful shows from the British
  • To The Best of Our Knowledge - In depth show of ideas and books. (have to find new link.)
  • Selected Shorts - Readings of Short Stories
  • This American Life. Really exciting news: I won the decoder ring contest! I got to meet Ira Gla, the host of the show, and watch a live taping of the show at the studios of WBEZ. It sure was cold in Chicago, but it's a great city.

    I have no favorite TV shows; TV can't even begin to compare, so I don't even have one.

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